Fifty-two Blank Pages:
Noir Fiction by Edward Ruscha

William Watson

Spaces for People Who Are Not Your
Friends of the Open Frame

Freek Persyn

Francesco Lo Savio: Things that Architects
Can Learn from a Forerunner of Minimal Art

Andrea Balestrero

Die Hütte
Sophie Nys

Estrangement: The Blue House
Beth Hughes

Some Thoughts on Visiting the Stone House at Tavole
Lorenzo De Chiffre

Below the Minimal Surface of Muji
Solomon Christian Dimmer and Erez Golani

An Island of Catholic Monks: Chile’s Utopia in the 1990s
Francisco Díaz

Less than Mies
Marco Biraghi

Sculpture into Architecture
Michael Abrahamson

Stirling’s Minimalism
Kersten Geers

A Partial List
Fabrizio Gallanti

Hyperminimalism: Architecture
Benedict Clouette and Marlisa Wise

Some Scale Models We’d Like to Know
Erin Besler and Ian Besler

Sottsass’s Grey Furniture

The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Minimalism
Filippo Cattapan

Rustling Jimmies since Day One
Daniel Tudor Munteanu

The Birth of Minimalism From the Spirit of Theo van Doesburg
Valter Scelsi

Bad Lieutenant: Álvaro Siza at Novartis Campus
Diego Seixas Lopes

Everything Only Happens Once
Simon Walker

Sol, Jon and Costantino; Or, the Elegy of the Frame
Andrea Zanderigo, Giulio Boem

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