San Rocco Summer School @ Belgrade 
4–10 September 2016
Belgrade, Serbia

San Rocco Summer School will investigate the potential of meaningful voids in Belgrade — a group of green islands in the middle of the city, whose diverse histories have been reflecting its urban development. After a major paradigm shift from the socialist era celebrating collectivity, youth and nature, to the post-socialist market-driven logic leading to informal appropriation and privatization of public space, these green islands and their specific destination points lost both their meaning and sources of funding. Today, while the public attention is seized by the seemingly endless political and economic obsessions, leaving little energy left for the questions of public space, these places continue to undergo transformation — a certain ongoing erosion within Belgrade's urban condition. Considering the cumulative effect of these urban voids as an urban project for the city, we believe it's time to once again reinvent their meaning, and envision their contemporary form. 

The Summer School’s students and ten guest professors will work in a collaborative environment on a unique cumulative urban project for Belgrade. The students will be divided into five research groups that will investigate the potential of five different “meaningful voids” in Belgrade. The final projects will then be detailed in groups of two students. The guest professors will supervise all of the projects according to a precise rotation scheme.

The SRSS topic is an idea by
Milica Topalović

Belgrade Coordinators
Milica Topalović
Jelena Pančevac 

San Rocco Coordinators
Paolo Carpi 
Giovanni Piovene
Andrea Zanderigo

Paolo Carpi
Matilde Cassani 
Simona Malvezzi 
Thomas Padmanabhan 
Jelena Pančevac
Konstantinos Pantazis 
Giovanni Piovene
Freek Persyn
Thomas Raynaud
Milica Topalović


CZKD Center for Cultural Decontamination
Faculty of Architecture University of Belgrade

The SRSS is open to maximum of 50 participants, including university students, graduates and practicing professionals. San Rocco will select the participants based on the submission of a succinct portfolio. San Rocco will also waive the participation fee for ten local participants (check here for more information).

All applicants are requested to send a single PDF file, comprising two A4 portrait pages, including a CV and a presentation of their work in any form they choose, making sure to provide the following essential information: name, surname, date of birth, education, and email address. Please note that the file cannot exceed 10 MB. The file  should be named “name_surname.pdf” and sent to with the subject line “Application SRSS 2016”.


Applications must be submitted by July 31 at 12:00pm.
Chosen applicants and a waiting list will be posted on the San Rocco website on August 1. Successful applicants wishing to participate must confirm their participation and pay their fees by August 5.

School only: € 600.00
School + Accommodation: € 750.00
Note: Applicants must make their own travel arrangements.



Visa Requirements
Participants are advised to check Serbia’s visa requirements. If a visa is necessary, participants will be responsible for arranging and obtaining it in time.