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15. Muerte

We ought to die at 75. It’s more than enough. We ought to be polite enough to leave the world to others. Anyhow, this is not what’s happening. In Western countries we just go on and on. We even think it’s good to live as long as possible. We never discuss our desperate refusal to die. Can it really be good for our society? Or even for us as individuals? How to think of a contemporary city where people also die? How to make architecture for mortal beings?

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Mr Acorn
A Bomarzo Story for very Young Architects Peter Wilson

How to Escape Death
Ettore Sottsass’s Ceramics of Darkness 2A+P/A

A Tower and a House Suicide in Art and Architecture
Havi Navarro

3 July 2000
Stan Allen

Death at Noon
Irénée Scalbert

Dying Empire
Adam Caruso

Architectures of Excarnation: Ecstatic Being, or an Ontology of Defleshing
Clemens C. Finkelstein

Yasusaki Uwabe: Life of a Japanese Architect
Romain David

Dede Kondre: Gardens of the Unborn
Daphne Bakker and Sara Frikech

Goya in Minneapolis, the End in Los Angeles
Ludovico Centis

Fraçois Charbonnet

Bacteria, Haircuts and Salvation in Varanasi
Francesca Benedetto

To the Late Poupounne, Minouchette, Pupuce and Zazie
Milena Charbit

Death and Sea
Celeste Calzolari, Matteo Poli

Deathcontainer Logic: Analogous Operation of Logistic Architecture in Ruriko-In
and Shinjuku Station

Erez Golani Solomon

Death as a Dispositif
Stefano Boeri

A Virtual Cemetery
Patricia Gude Stokes, Fernando Rodríguez Llorente

The Facsimile and the Model: Two Houses of the Dead
Pietro Pezzani

Life after Death
Wilfried Kuehn, Kim Courrèges, Felipe De Ferrari

From Here to Eternity
Fabrizio Gallanti

Till Death Mark Rothko and the Mural Projects
Nicolò Ornaghi

The Missing Link
Adan Gacanin, Marcelo Rovira Torres

Funerary Extravaganza The Tomb of Eursaces
Marco Provinciali, Francesco Zorzi

The Tomb of the Architect
Marco Biraghi

Learning from a Funeral
Paolo Carpi

A postcard from Emmanuel Christ