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If you do dare to mention beauty, then some well-in- tentioned idiot says “beauty is subjective”, as if this in- disputable truth (given that beauty is, of course, sub- jective) would implicitly mean that nothing subjec- tive and shared (or universal, or common, or whatever you’d like to call it) could possibly exist; as if subjects could never agree, or could never admit their shared nature and recognize themselves in what, in the end, is nothing more than this: the sudden appearance of something that we all like, something to which we would all like to surrender ourselves (i.e., the sudden appearance of beauty). So, yes: beauty is subjective. But this is no reason to stop worrying about beauty.

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All Those in Favour of Proportion, Say Aye 
Michael Robinson Cohen

Beauty by Committee
Fabrizio Gallanti

No Explanation Necessary
David Himelman 

Dipingere un naso non è così semplice
Stefano Graziani

Giotto; or, Beauty in Space
Pier Paolo Tamburelli

Massive Change
Erez Golani Solomon

Dust and Fever Dreams
Wayne Switzer

Schönheit! Schönheit!
Sissy Hobiger Feichtner

Beauty in Non-Spaces
Louis De Belle and Bethan Hughes

The Beauty of the Conquered Tractor: Dingpolitik in “Die Neue Welt”
Antoine Prokos

Ontological Plans: The Pure Beauty of Architecture
Éric Lapierre

The Alchemical Beauty of the Banal

On Body Building
Anneke Abhelakh and Pascal Flammer

Scamozzi Is Almost Alright
Kersten Geers

On Beauty: The Brief Garden of Bevis Bawa in Sri Lanka
Marie-Louise Lillywhite and Sebastiano Giannesini

The Promise of Happiness: On Beauty in Oscar Niemeyer’s Architecture
Ludovico Centis and Daniele Pisani

Beauty Without Taste
Irénée Scalbert

A Building and an Image: The Takiyeh Dowlat 
Golnar Abbasi and Mobasher Niqui

A Short Description of Santa Maria dei Miracoli in Venice
Paolo Carpi