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"Collaborations recognizes architecture as a collective knowledge that is one and given, and thus inevitably shared, and produced through the efforts of a multitude. Within this multitude, two forms of collaboration unfold: a synchronic one, which connects producers operating contemporaneously, and a diachronic one, which links producers through time.

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The Neue Wache, Berlin 
Oliver Thill

Double Authorship
Markus Lüscher

The Architecture and Politics of the Koine
Francesco Garofalo

The Politics of Demonst(e)ration
Hamed Khosravi

The Sovereignty of Interpretation
Sandra Bartoli and Silvan Linden

Colin Rowe in the Design Studio. 
Two Pedagogical Experiences and Architecture as a Shared Knowledge

Roberto Damiani 

The Undecorated Shed. 
Venturi and Scott Brown’s Project for a  Commercial and Residential Block on Khulafa Street, 1981–82

Benedict Clouette and Marlisa Wise 

Lost in La Plata
Ludovico Centis 

Objets Trouvés:
Collages, Collaboration and Collision

Giovanni La Varra

Double Life
Kersten Geers and Andrea Zanderigo 

Codussi, Spavento & Co.: Building the Sacristy of St Mark’s Basilica in Venice
Maria Bergamo

Hannes Meyer: Co-op Architecture
Bernardina Borra 

The Trouble with Bob and Lou, or with Foxes and Hedgehogs
Job Floris 

Franco Albini and Bob Noorda
Federico Tranfa

A Collaboration: Paul Engelmann and Ludwig Wittgenstein
Daniele Pisani 

Libera and Malaparte: “I Have Nothing to Say, Only to Show”
Valter Scelsi 

Slippery Dialogues: Recent Copyright Infringements in Architecture
Fabrizio Gallanti 

VKhUTEMAS: Collaborations on Ideology and Form
Arturo Scheidegger 

So Much Damned Bad Work
Pier Paolo Tamburelli 

OK, Let’s Call It Memphis