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Bramante is the most important architect in the history of Western architecture. This fact alone would be a sufficient reason for this issue, but the additional fact that Bramante died 500 years ago merits its own celebration. Most of all, now that globalization has come full circle and we live in an entirely unified market, we must address Bramante’s work as the foundation of universalism in Western architecture. 

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The Seed 
Irénée Scalbert

Donato Bramante and the Principle of Being Contemporary
Antonio Foscari

The Remit of Order
Irina Davidovici

Bro-Mante, the Movie
Sam Jacob

Beardy, Bald and Bold; or, Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day
Sebastian Haufe and Achim Reese

Flat Grid: The Nature of the Floor In the Prevedari Engraving
Vittorio Pizzigoni

An Imaginary Story about the Belvedere
Cherubino Gambardella

Thirty-two Short Comments about Portraits of Bramante
Daniel Tudor Munteanu

Bramante, the Third Nature and the Third Landscape
Ludovico Centis

Repression and a Paper Trail in Milan: The Palazzo of Filippo Eustachi at Porta Vercellina
Roberta Martinis

The Bramante Virus: Alessio Tramello
Francesco de Agostini

Bramante’s Half Plan
Alejandra Celedon Forster

False Evidence: The 20th-Century Historiography of Bramante
M.J. Wells

The School of Athens Is Wrong!
Francesco Zorzi

Looking Elsewhere
Kersten Geers

Space; or, Bramante’s Problem
Pier Paolo Tamburelli

Learning from Bramante
Oliver Thill

Disputatio pro declaratione virtutis indulgentiarum
Martin Luther