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"Indifference" deals with the art of ignoring, of forgetting, of saving energy, by considering the notion of indifference as strategic judgement – as the thing that differentiates architects from craftsmen. Indifference here is perceived as an act of suspension that produces distance and, thus, a potential space for action. Indifference is open-minded – it involves no dogmas, no intolerance, no opposition, no polemics, nothing avant-garde.

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Paint It White: A Brief Interpretation of the Work of  Richard Meier
Oliver Thill

The Perfect View
Jelena Pancevac

Siza’s Mother
Kersten Geers

The Misfortune of the Civil Servant
Francesco Garofalo

Subversion and Indifference: The Architectural Strategies of Lacaton & Vassal
Mauro Palamini and Pietro Pezzani

Disciplinary Indifference: An Awkward Interview with Anne Lacaton
Jose Manuel López Ujaque and Esteban Salcedo Sánchez

In the Belly of the Devil
Martin Abbott

Less Is Enough
Guido Tesio

Pure Programme and Almost No Form: Notes on the Typical Plan and Ivan Leonidov
Francesco Marullo

An Architect, the Office, the Pool and the Beach
Giovanni Piovene

Sous le soleil, exactement
Ludovico Centis

Architecture could You Spell That, Please?
Fabrizio Gallanti

Ido Avissar and Freek Persyn

Indifference and Absorption of Architectural Form: Notes on Le Corbusier’s La Tourette Monastery
Pier Vittorio Aureli and Maria S. Giudici   

Deleu / Deleuze
Stefaan Vervoort 

Dissimulation: The Piazza della Santissima Annunziata in Florence

Last Year at the Escorial
Irénée Scalbert

The Flying Constructor
Giacomo Summa in conversation with Janez Gorišek

Il Big Pencil
Victoria Easton

Stock Exchange
Giovanna Silva

More Glass Above, More Glass Around
Matteo Ghidoni

Arches and I-Beams: The Mutant Design of Philip Johnson’s Glass House
Cino Zucchi

Things Fall Apart
Ido Avissar

The Architecture of Capitalism: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and the IIT Campus in Chicago
Vittorio Pizzigoni

Fake Gothic
Pier Paolo Tamburelli