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Innocence investigates the possibility of an architecture that is both open and personal, both monumental and fragile, both rational and questioning: an unlikely and innocent architecture. Innocent architecture seems to belong to extremely broad formal traditions; it is precisely defined and yet strangely generous.

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The White U: Towards a Possible 
Japanese Classicism

Oliver Thill


A House for Sister Nabuko and her
Small Daughters Sachiko and Fumiko

Stefano Boeri


The Foundations of All Possible Buildings: Three Houses for a Sister 
Christophe Van Gerrewey


A Bagatelle under Military Dictatorship: Artigas’s Balneario in Jaú
Daniele Pisani


Imi, Imi, Machine and More
Freek Persyn


Thirteen Notes on the Villa Garzoni
Pier Paolo Tamburelli


A Park in the Shape of the World


Fossil, Sphinx, Fossil, Sea, Moon
Stefano Graziani


Model Architecture  
Kersten Geers


Reading the Monadnock Block
Job Floris


“Fünf auf der nach oben offenen Richterskala” 
Andrea Zanderigo


Purpose and Allusion: Hannes Meyer and Hans Wittwer, Petersschule in Basel, 1926, and Bundesschule–ADGB in Bernau, 1928–30
Guy Châtel


The New Naive
Milica Topalovic


A Letter to the Zoologist
Joana Rafael


The One-Trick Pony
Salomon Frausto


The Secret Life of the Horizontal City
Francesco Garofalo


The Baths: a Project for Villa Muggia


Broadcasting Architecture
Marco Brizzi


Unfolded Spiral