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"Mistakes" does not deal with bad architecture. Rather, it explores mistakes that are the product of a disproportion or displacement; mistakes that are somehow generous, open, and brave; mistakes that involve some sort of heroic failure; and mistakes that shed new light on the limits of the very same rules that encourage us to label them as mistakes.

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The Wrong Pyramid 
Pier Paolo Tamburelli

Perfectly Fine for Mies
Kersten Geers

Data Centre on Lexington Avenue
Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen

Beauty and Mistakes in the Early Work of Peter Märkli
Andrea Zanderigo 

Modernistic Neanderthalism
Matteo Poli 

Scamozzi versus Sansovino
Paolo Carpi 

The Displacement of the Grande Arche:
The Story of a Surreal Monument

Wulf Böer

Santa Maria Annunziata in Roccaverano:
The Misinterpretation of a Project by Bramante

Manuela M. Morresi 

La Bombonera
Giacomo Summa 

Hagia Sophia versus Hagia Sophia
Ioanna Volaki 

Solomon, I Have Outdone Thee!
Asli Cicek

Systematic Mistakes: 
Notes on Leon Battista Alberti’s Design Strategies

Angelo Del Vecchio

Review of the Exhibition Emergency in Favour of Twice at the Institute of Contemporary Art
Aaron Moulton

The Wrong Program

The Four Books of Mistakes
Matteo Ghidoni

Deliberate Mistakes:
Stories of the Winchester House

Cédric Boulet

Phantoms of Monuments
Mathieu Mercuriali

Freud and Méliès 
Alexander Hilton Wood

An “Aesthetics of Mistakes” in the
Discourse of the “Collective Actions” Group

Sergei Sitar interviews Andrei Monastyrski 

The Nightmare of Participation, or Considering the Value of Failure as a Proactive Catalyst for Change
Markus Miessen 

Architecture, Dynamite and the Political Establishment
Giovanni La Varra 

Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better. On the Potential of What Goes Wrong in Relation to Modernism and Art
Filipa Ramos 

Mitologia Ferrari 
Stefano Graziani 

Instant Paradise: A Story of Failure and Accidental Beauty
Steven Bosmans and Michael Langeder

A Lake and a Swimming Pool: Two Water Stories from the USSR
Saverio Pesapane

A Mistake of Principles: The Principles of Architecture Are Eleven and Immutable

A drawing by Alexander Brodsky