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Scary Architects talks about the dark side of architecture. It explores how architecture exposes the oppression embedded in our society, questioning the notion that architecture is somehow related to an increase in social hierarchy and inequality. Architecture is scary because it introduces an exaggerated time span into our daily lives, one comprising not only a distant past, but also a distant future.

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Scary Portraits

Godzilla Is My Co-pilot: A Ride into the Milanese Hinterland in Search of the Evil Buildings by Guido Canella
Andrea Zanderigo

Baroque or Brooklyn
Ludovico Centis

Matthew Barney, the Tabernacle and the Mormon Plot
Dan Handel and Mauricio Quirós Pacheco

Organization Todt: The Building of the Present
Dan Handel and Mauricio Quirós Pacheco

Klingenberg: A Biography
Matt Litvack and Iason Tsironis

Scared Architects and the Law
Fabrizio Gallanti

Of Elephants, Sharks and Ducks (and a Lion)
Maria Conen and Victoria Easton

A Letter from Curaçao: Carlos “Carel” Weeber Writes to Atelier Kempe Thill
Oliver Thill

Paul Rudolph: Song of Deeds
William Watson

You Cannot Not Know (His) History

The Stanley Cup: An Inquiry into the Essence of Monumentality
Pier Paolo Tamburelli

And Justice for All!
Matteo Ghidoni

The Trellick Tower: The Fall and Rise of a Modern Monument
Mariabruna Fabrizi and Fosco Lucarelli

Architecture, Gender and Disaster (Why Zaha Hadid Is Scary)
Die Architektin (Verein für)

The Watchful Golden Tower
Mika Savela

Illegitimate Architecture
Allyn Hughes

Collodi, Vignola and the Nightmares of Italian Children
Valter Scelsi

The Ballad of Master Manole
Lina Scavuzzo

Determining Indeterminacies
Andreas Lechner

Method as Form
Kersten Geers

Architecture Takes Command
Stefan Staehle

In Search of the Ernst Stavro Blofelds of Architecture
Martin Zemlicka

Scary Architects and Scared Clients: A Portrait of Aris Konstantinidis
Nikos Magouliotis

Notes on Thomas Bernhard’s Korrektur
Daniele Pisani

The Mother, the Son and the Architect: Notes on a Petra Noordkamp’s Video
Christophe van Gerrewey

Bas Princen