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"The Even Covering of the Field" dives into the field in which we all live. Even if it is not all the same, the field is one – a condition that has no alternatives. The field lies outside of the binary opposition of city and nature; in fact, it logically precedes the city. Within the field, creative interventions can only modify and transform.


Les Nuits sans Kim Wilde
Simon de Dreuille / Drawings by Sam Jacob

Giovanni Piovene

Switzerland: An Urban Field of Fantasies
Freek Persyn

A Metropolitan Village:
The 900-Kilometre Nile City

Oliver Thill / Photographs by Bas Princen

The Nile Valley: The Urbanization of Limited Resources
Mathias Gunz 

Learning from Mobility: The Field as a Condition of Empowered Nomadism
Giorgio Talocci 

Zoom In
Ignacio Uriarte

Arranging Six Different Postage 
Stamps in a Row

Giovan Battista Salerno

Courteousness and Contradiction in the Work of Gabetti and Isola
Michele Bonino and Subhash Mukerjee

The Even Covering of the Field
Jonathan Sergison

Early Muslim Architecture, K. A .C. Creswell and Some Random Notes on the Science of
the Field

Andrea Zanderigo

I Love the Sight of Landscape in Use
Erica Overmeer

99 Fields: Notes for a Bibliography
Luca Trevisani

A Collage City
Florian Beigel and Philip Christou

Inhabited Natures
Ioanna Angelidou 

Domestic Fields: Geoffrey Bawa’s House in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Virginia Chiappa Nunez and Pietro Pezzani

Joseph Grima

Around the World in 80 Days

Hyperborea, 2011
Anton Ginzburg

Everything and Nothing
Kersten Geers

“Soylent Green”: The Use of the Countryside
Éric Troussicot

81 Imaginary Public Spaces, 1:500
Matilde Cassani

The Barest Form in which Architecture Can Exist
Pier Vittorio Aureli

The Neutral Field
2A+P/A interviews Andrea Branzi

Entropy, Nature and the Discontinuous Field
Nicholas de Monchaux

Baldessari als Erzieher
Francesca Pellicciari and Pier Paolo Tamburelli

Fake Baldessari
Kersten Geers, Stefano Graziani, Pier Paolo Tamburelli and Milica Topalovic

Lewis Baltz’s Park City
Stefano Graziani

Vittorio Gregotti in Conversation with Rolf Jenni, Christian Müller Inderbitzin and Milica Topalovic