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“What's Wrong with the Primitive Hut?” talks about architecture as a technology not of shelter but of memory, one in which the subject that builds is not the individual but society. It contests the ideas that private architecture should be the model for public architecture, that pragmatism ought to come before ritual and that structure should come before space.

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“La Coscienza di Zeno”: Notes on a Work by Superstudio

What’s Wrong with Charles Eisen?
Pedro Ignacio Alonso

Three Little Huts
Nikos Magouliotis

Was the Primitive Hut Actually a Temple?
Ivica Brnic

The Primitive Hut as Original Sin
Giovanni Galli

A Hearth or a Kitchen?
Pep Avilés

Condemned by the Utopias of Radical Individualism: What’s Wrong with Architecture?
Marc Brabant

Rain inside the Panthéon: Reflections on Durand’s Modernism                                                                                                
Marc Britz

Modernity and Myth: Rem Koolhaas in New York
Gabriele Mastrigli

Toyo Ito’s Sendai Mediatheque
Ariadna Perich Capdeferro

The Steamboat Returns
David Kohn

Flat Primitive
Neyran Turan

The Second Olduvai Gorge: Architecture as the Art of Rebuilding the Climate of the Cradle of Humankind
Philippe Rahm 

The Straight Story: An Interview with Corrado Marocci
Annamaria Prandi and Andrea Vescovini

 The Well-tempered Hut
Wonne Ickx

River Deep, Mountain High
Daniel Luis Martinez

Inter Alia

Fischer auf der Reise nach Stonehenge
Pier Paolo Tamburelli

Primordial Building Substance
Eric Lapierre

“The Voice of Time Cries Out to Man – Advance!”
Isobel Lutz Smith

Degré Zéro
Ido Avissar

Jacques Hondelatte’s Artiguebieille House
Tanguy Auffret-Postel and Tiago Borges

Seven Questions, One Answer
Giorgio Grassi Responds To Baukuh

Duck; Or, Some Attempts at Describing a Hut 
Steven Chodoriwsky

A Space Oddity
Ludovico Centis

The World Is My Hut
Nils Havelka and Sarah Nichols

Anders Krüger and Regin Schwaen

+ | -
Carly Dean

Some Footnotes to Devils Tower
Stefano Graziani