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1966 was a promising year. Aldo Rossi published "The Architecture of the City" and Robert Venturi came out with "Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture". The stage seemed set for a productive critique of modernism and the development of a more mature approach to the intricacies of architecture. Architecture seemed on the verge of rediscovering its collective nature and about to redefine its knowledge by starting from the city.

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Michael Cohen and Violette de la Selle 

The Facts Have the Floor: Against Interpretation, Susan Sontag
Christophe Van Gerrewey 

Pynchon’s Oblique Aerial 
Stan Allen 

A Special Year Like Any Other Architecture Formes Fonctions 
Fabrizio Gallanti 

Histoires d’eau 
Christian Gilot 

Free(D) Time: the Spatialisation of Leisure from the Xiii Triennale Until Today
Florencia Andreola, Riccardo M. Villa 

Fifth Dimension, Tokyo-Jin, Femmes Algériennes, Au Hasard Balthazar
Ido Avissar 

Natalie Koerner 

To Coincide and Disappear 
Kersten Geers 

Cuba, 1966 
Laura Evans 

Go West, Omu 
Alberto Geuna, Niccolò Suraci, Giulia La Delfa 

Complexity and Complication Positions of the Object in Il Territorio Dell’architettura 
Roi Salgueiro Barrio and Adrià Carbonell Rabassa 

Architecture and Revolution 
Paolo Portoghesi in Conversation with Nicolò Ornaghi and Guido Tesio 

“What We Hold as Ugly
and Infuriating Today Will Be ‘Established’ in a Decade” Dimitris Philippides and the Historiography of Anonymous Architecture in Greece 

Nikos Magouliotis 

How Printing Silenced Architecture 
Philippe Rahm 

“1966 Can Be the Year of Rebirth for American Cities” 
Susanne Schindler 

Photojournalism the Difficult Task of Making Public Work in Good Faith
Roi Salgueiro Barrio 

The Piper at the Gates of Dawn 
Chris Norton Riley 

The Anti-Hierarchical Atelier That Could Not Last 
Stylianos Giamarelos 

Grünzug Süd: an Urban Design Manifesto 
Jasper Cepl, Sam Jacoby, Valerio Massaro 

Site and Speculation 
Kate Yeh Chiu 

A Vinnese Concept for
an Analogue Postwar Grossstadt Manifesto

Lorenzo De Chiffre and Benni Eder 

Type as a Monument 
Nuno Brandão Costa 

Too Beautiful To Be True: Lina Bo Bardi’s Masp, or An “Architectured” Lie
Daniele Pisani 

Tomb for Two 
Dámaso Randulfe 

A Hole Wrapped in Wire 
William Watson and Vivian Telgarsky 

Breuer Stirling Price 
Bas Princen 

A Day at the Beach 
Oliver Lütjens and Thomas Padmanabhan 

Giancarlo Floridi and Angelo Lunati 

Separated at Birth 
Ludovico Centis 

Putting Up A Front 
David Himelman 

Es Ist Kein Organisches Material Sichtbar 
Victoria Easton 

For All the Wrong Reasons Myron Goldsmith and the Mcmath–Pierce Solar Telescope 
Wonne Ickx