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“Ecology” recognizes that since the world’s population will soon be somewhere between nine and ten billion, architectural ecology should be considered as the approach that aims at facilitating the survival of the human species in the long term and pursues this goal by considering the world as a totality. Ecology is in need of a theory, for no such theory currently exists.

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New Apples 
Irénée Scalbert

Tranquillity in Disorder: Notes on Ecology, Planning and Laissez-Faire
Ido Avissar

The Chicago Stump
Wonne Ickx 

Urban-Nature: The Ecology of Planetary Artifice
Harry Gugger and Bárbara Maçães Costa

Excerpt from a Discussion between Stefano Graziani and Rene Gabri in Venice, 2007

Some Geographical Notes on Territory
Giovanni Piovene

Shift Happens: A Prologue to Gestaltungsgesellschaften
Robert Alexander Gorny

Managing Natural Selection
Rui Aristides and Campomarzio

The Pressure of Conservation: How the Imaginary of “Wild” Nature Was Formed and How to Rid Ourselves of It
Sabine Schulz Blank

Ludovico Centis

Ecology and Emancipation
Fabien Giraud and Max Turnheim

The Island of the Lakes and New Horizons
Francesca Benedetto

The Berlin Green Band: The Interrupted History of the First Urban Parkway
Emma Letizia Jones

“Super-scenic” Parks, Peace and Landscape Architecture’s New Deal
Caitlin Blanchfield

Desert Island Manifesto: Sir Charles Belgrave’s (Fake) Proposals to the Bahraini Government
Ali Karimi

If We Heat It, They Will Come
Tuomas Toivonen

Berserk Ecology
Dominic Broadhurst

Airpocalypse: A Short Geostory 
Rania Ghosn and El Hadi Jazairy

Maria Chiara Pastore

Hong Kong Is Land
MAP Office

Int. Air Ventilation Duct 
Davide Rapp

Paolo Carpi

Bas Princen