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"Fuck Concepts! Context!” investigates the state of self-inflicted despair whereby architectural design needs to be justified point by point, thereby creating the unnecessary feeling that architecture needs an explanation or needs to apologize. In opposition to this, this issue looks at design as a tool for defining contexts, re-shaping what is already there and formalizing the given.

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Architecture Without Ideas?! In Defence of Concepts
Jan Bovelet

A Pathological Normality
Matteo Ghidoni

A Minatory Letter to Conceptualists Composed of Quotations from Texts by Paul Valéry
Cino Zucchi

Four Concepts and a Funeral
Diederik de Koning, Laura van Santen and Thomas Cattrysse

The Measure of Turmoil: Dürer’s Monument to the Vanquished Peasants
Amir Djalali

Matteo Poli

Concepts and Contexts: an Analytical Point of View
Ilaria Boeddu

The Object as Idea
Adrià Carbonell

Without Irony
Kersten Geers

The Delight of the Site
Pietro Pezzani

The Possibility of Disappearing
Giovanni Piovene

Building Context: When Architecture Becomes the Background
Nicola Russi

Notes on Contextual Architecture

Context, Enforced
Fabrizio Gallanti

Cut-up Architecture
Eric Lapierre

Argument Vs. Concept: the City Is Not an Egg
Federica Pau, Sabrina Puddu and Francesco Zuddas

Liberating and Governing Mechanisms
Mark Lee

Venturi’s First
Oliver Lütjens and Thomas Padmanabhan

Being In-Between: the Amsterdam Municipal Orphanage by Aldo Van Eyck
Ariadna Perich Capdeferro

Parallel Convergences
Guido Tesio 

The Concept Is Me: Richard Meier at the Getty Center
Jack Burnett-Stuart

The Office and the Loggia: Giorgio Vasari’s Architecture for Bureaucracy
Francesco Marullo 

The Architectural Form of a Concept: J. J. P. Oud’s De Kiefhoek (1925–30)
Davide Sacconi

Skopje, or How Context Fucked Concepts and Vice Versa
Charlotte Malterre Barthes 

Love Concepts!
Oliver Thill 

The Triangle and the Eraser
Andrea Zanderigo

An Airplane Has Landed in the Desert: Myths, Shapes and Metaphors Related to Brasilia
Martino Tattara

Bagh-e Babur
Ludovico Centis

Rituals, Obstacles and Architecture (Fragments of an Essay I Will Never be Able to Write)
Pier Paolo Tamburelli