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"Islands" explores the possibility of architectural islands by dividing them into two categories, the oceanic and the continental. Oceanic islands are the radical ones, truly isolated not only in space, but also in time. Continental islands, in contrast, are the product of the erosion of a continent and are linked to something that exists nearby or that existed sometime in the past.

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Two Deserted Islands
Mark Lee


Letters from Hawaii: A Selection of Excerpts by Mark Twain

A Pacific Solution
Lorenzo Pezzani 

Growing an Island: Okinotori
Dirk De Meyer 

The Multiplicity of Al-Mansur’s Baghdad
Martino Tattara 

Navigational Maps of Sticks and Shells
Gae Aulenti

Francesco Librizzi 

Certain Tropical Feedback
Troy Conrad Therrien 

Prologue/ Epilogue
Charles Avery 

Islands of Memory
Davide Rapp

Beach-Umbrella Readings: The Isola Ferdinandea
Matteo Norzi

Between Artifice and Nature
Tetsuo Kondo Architects

Drawing the Perimeter
Kersten Geers

1,100 Palm Trees
Ido Avissar


After Cornaro 
baukuh, Salottobuono

Pin-ups, Racetracks and Baby Elephants, or How to Develop an Artificial Island Strategy
Eduard Sancho Pou 

The Island of the Man with the Golden Gun

Contexts in Expansion: On Vessels and Spaceships as Objects and Networks
Pietro Pezzani 

Islands within Islands
Elisa Ferrato 

Islands of Light and Steel 
Joana Rafael 

The Prison Island and the State of Nature (First Notes)
Lieven De Cauter/Desertmed

Archipelago Cities
Point Supreme Architects

An Interview with Andrea Zittel
Andrea Balestrero 

The Gravitational Pull of the Mainland: Three Stories about the Potential for Autonomy of Coastal Islands 
Valter Scelsi 

Embassies: Architecture of Exception
Marco Ferrari