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The issue with the client is that the reasons why clients should pay for architecture (i.e., the reasons why rich or powerful individuals could become clients) seem to be disappearing. In fact, architecture corresponds to a singular mixture of exhibitionism and shame that leads people to try to acquire public renown (and at the same time erase the memory of how they used to make money) by contributing to the construction of the spaces of public life. And while there is no shortage of exhibitionism nowadays...    

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The Client as a Vessel
Kersten Geers 

Oh, Yes, Mr President!
Peter Swinnen

The Fief of Ford
Daniel Jacobs

Bad Client / Good Citizen: Notes on Henry Cobb’s Hancock Place

Presumed Influence: Le Corbusier and Buenos Aires, 1927–1935
Jacob Moore

Le Rouge et le vert: Chronique du XXe et XXIe siècles
Valter Scelsi

The Tale of Three Grocers and a Prince
Andrea Zanderigo

The Public of Architecture: Conflict and Consensus
Ludovico Centis

Arata Isozaki and The Tsukuba Project; or, The Vanity of Architecture as Self-critique
Guido Tesio

“Vous êtes gentils mais insupportables”: Robert Bordaz and the Centre Pompidou
Fabrizio Gallanti

Why Napoleon III Was a Good Client
Paolo Carpi

The President’s Gardener
Jelena Pančevac and Giovanni Piovene

Le Vide: The Time Rem Failed to Seduce François
Iason Stathatos

The Mayor, The Architect and 114 Dwellings: On Jean Nouvel’s Nemausus 1 Housing Project
Matteo Costanzo

Rotonda Falasteen
lisa Ferrato and Abdalrahman Kittana

Eduardo Souto de Moura’s Tricks and Flicks
Matilde Girão and Ricardo Lima

Being the Client: A Subjective Experience Report
Joanna Kamm

The Death of a Client: The End of the English Housing Estate
Beth Hughes

Human Wu

The Disappearance of the Public Client
Oliver Thill

Client Party
Evelyn Ting and Paul Tse

Educating the Petite Bourgeoisie: Notes on Adolf Loos’s “The Poor Little Rich Man”
Nikos Magouliotis

Your Favourite Clients
Victoria Easton and Francesca Pellicciari